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Hi! I’m Tka- creator of 876 Adventures and travel blogger. I was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica where, I always had this dream of travelling the world but how could I do that when I didn’t even know many places in Jamaica. I believe that dreams don’t come true until you take action, so I created a list of places that I had to visit and I started my journey. It was so amazing to see our diverse culture unfold before my eyes, to meet so many wonderful people, to try incredible foods, and to just interact with so many wildlife such as exotic birds, snakes and stingrays.

It was on this journey that I discovered my passion for travelling, taking photos (not a pro yet but I’m learning) and writing about my experiences. I got bitten by the travel bug and now I don’t ever want to stop exploring the world. Travelling can be challenging sometimes, especially when you work and study, but I will not let that stop me from fulfilling one of my passions. Stay committed to fulfilling your dreams and remember, we weren’t born to stay in one place. Join me as I share amazing stories, photos, travel tips and my Jamaican culture with you.