Wet, Dirty And Fun: The Yaaman Adventure Park Review

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When we get to a certain age we tend to stop celebrating our birthdays. Why? Sometimes we may even forget because we have so many things doing everyday. I promised myself that I will not fall into that category. Especially in today’s world, I believe that we all deserve a good celebration for surviving yet another year. This year, my best friend surprised me with an amazing gift, a trip to Yaaman Adventure Park. Can you imagine how thrilled I was about this gift? An adventurer going to an adventure park. I couldn’t contain my excitement so I started doing my happy dance.

Quick Facts about Yaaman Adventure Park

  • Formally called Prospect Plantation. It is known as one of Jamaica’s oldest plantations.
  • It is located a little outside of the Ocho Rios Town Center.
  • A huge estate filled with lots of agricultural crops such as bananas, sugar cane, coffee and coconuts.
  • There is an 18th Century Great House on the property that is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The area is often times used for weddings, photography and receptions.
  • Yaaman Adventure Park has several activities which include: a delicious meal, camel riding, a segway tour, horse back riding, a mud buggy ride, a jitney tour, bird aviary access, tour of the Great House and a culinary tour.
  • They are sister parks with Dolphin Cove.

Wet N’ Dirty Buggy Adventure Package

On arriving at Yaaman Adventure Park, we registered for the Yaaman Basic Package which included a meal, the jitney tour, access to the bird aviary and any other tour of your choice. I wanted a tour that got my adrenaline really going, something fun and exciting. So, of course, I’m going to choose the Wet N’ Dirty Buggy tour. The other tours seemed fun but they are really for persons who wanted to relax and admire nature at a slower pace. Before my best friend and I started our tour, we decided to have lunch first as I was super hungry. How could I resist the delicious smells floating towards my nose and the sight of Jamaican food served buffet style?

Ready For The Ride

With a filled tummy and a big smile, I was ready to take on the Buggy Adventure. Our guides gave us a few safety rules then he said, “Try to keep up, don’t get left behind.” I’m like “Yessss! Bring on the speed.” Little did I know about the journey ahead of me. The start was okay, then we had to drive over several bumps and dips followed by an uphill drive. It was amazing until I realized that the other buggies were far ahead of me. I was like, “No, how could this happen?” That’s when I floored the pedal and off I went, leaving a trail of dust behind me (I wish I had brought something to cover my mouth).

The terrain was pretty fun and challenging to drive on. Especially, when we had to go over tree roots, big stones and manoeuvre the buggy to avoid large holes. The most exciting point in the ride was when we had to drive through the pool of mud. The aim was to drive really fast to make a big splash and make it all the way through. I geared up and got ready for the splash. Off I went, water splashing all around me until it stopped and I noticed that I was stuck. Can you believe it, I was stuck in the mud. Thankfully, the guides were there and they did a good job getting me out. We made one last exciting lap through the Buggy Trail then we moved onto our next tour.


Yaaman Adventure Park Jitney Tour

We, Jamaicans, would call this tour a ‘tractor ride’ around the property. This was similar to the Jitney Ride mentioned in my previous post Dive Into The New Year With A Visit To YS Falls. I really enjoyed it, as it allowed me to relax and appreciate the view. The tour guide told a lot of jokes and gave us a quick historical tour of the Great House. We also got a glimpse of the White River Gorge, the camels and the horses along the way.

Bird Aviary Access

The aviary was filled with lively tropical birds that were super friendly, once you gave them some food. They were great to interact with and they just did their own thing. I called them my #BossBirds.

Quick Tips: What To Bring For The Wet N’ Dirty Buggy Tour

  • Old Clothing (you may get dirty with either mud or dust)
  • A towel (to use after you wash off)
  • Closed toe shoes (eg. Sneakers)
  • Driver’s License (if you plan to drive a buggy)
  • A face mask (to cover your nose and mouth from the dust)

This is a great place for everyone to enjoy a good adventure. If you’d like to know what to bring for the other rides, the cost of their packages (worth every dollar) or you just want to check out the Yaaman Adventure Park website click here: Park Activities.

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