Konoko Falls and Park- St. Ann, Jamaica (Review)

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As I grow older , I find that every moment with my family is precious and I just want to have a lot of those moments, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ever had that feeling where you just want to stop working and head home to the comfort of your family? This same feeling led me back to my hometown in St. Ann.

Going home just wasn’t enough, I wanted to see my mom and sisters laughing, and I wanted to create fun memories while I was with them. That led me to thinking about possible ways to make those memories and that’s when I got the great idea of being a ‘local tourist’. There are a lot of attractions in Ocho Rios but I heard about the new Konoko Falls and Park and I thought it would be nice to check it out.

Konoko Falls Quick Facts

  • Previously known as Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls.
  • Located in the hills just outside Ocho Rios.
  • Taino Indians settled here in the past and ‘Konoko’ means ‘Rainforest’ in Arawak.
  • Partners with the Hope Zoo Preservation Trust to help with endangered animal species.

I would describe Konoko falls as a flora and fauna wonderland. It is so beautiful and can be a great place for family trips, weddings, chilling with friends, a trip with bae, or even just a photo shoot.

The road was a bit bumpy up the hill but it was manageable (I think they should get it fixed a bit though). On arrival, I was very pleased as we were welcomed and escorted to the front office. At the office we were also greeted by a talking parrot and a few other animals.

We paid the entry fee, then my family and I began a tour. As always, I have to let you know how much it will cost you. The entry fee for adult locals was $1500 and the fee for kids was a bit less. These fees are subject to change so, I would advise calling before you make the trip to check the total cost for entry (Entrance Fees). You might say the fee is too high and I would have agreed with you in the past but now I have been convinced that it was worth every cent. You get value for your money and the customer service from beginning to end was wonderful.

We had a tour of the beautiful river garden with so many stories about the plants and we were introduced to the Koi fishes and the different types of birds there as well. Want a little excitement? Try feeding the birds in the aviary. They will be flying all around you and perching on your hands if you happen to have some food. If you are brave enough like my little sister, you can try holding the Jamaican Boa while it’s wrapping itself around you.

Moving on from the aviary, the guide gave us a tour of the museum which contained precious artefacts used back in the Taino days.

After the museum tour, I was like “Yes, waterfalls time!” but this wasn’t the case. We had more to see and boy was I excited. The guide brought us to the mini zoo where we saw a few endemic species moving about such as the Jamaican Coney, Yellow-billed Parrot, Jamaican Boa, and Jamaican Owl.

Finally we made our way to the waterfalls but not before passing the Konoko Bar and Grill and checking out the Lookout Point. I highly recommend going to the Ysassi Lookout point as it displays an extraordinary view of Ocho Rios that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.


Unto the main attraction, the waterfalls, but be prepared for a quick exercise as I had to walk down more than 100 steps to get to the beginning of the falls. Most persons opt to stay in the pools at the top of the falls but not me. I wanted to see the falls in all its glory so I trekked all the way to the bottom. If you can handle the work out, it would be nice to take the stairs down then climb the falls back to the top (use water shoes if you are climbing the falls). Sadly, I didn’t climb the falls as my family was very content with the cascading water and the small pools at the foot of the falls.

Overall, I would say this was a day well spent with the family at Konoko Falls and Park. It was peaceful, beautiful, fun and exciting all at the same time. If you are thinking of somewhere in St. Ann to visit, then try Konoko Falls and I’m sure you will be glad you did. For more info, visit Konoko Falls and Park .

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