5 Ways to Have Crazy Fun At Frenchman’s Cove

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“World Famous”, “A Jewel in a Crown”, “The Best Beach on the Island”, “Charming Place”, and “Unspoiled Beauty” are just a few words used to describe Frenchman’s Cove. Now, after hearing all these words, wouldn’t you be interested? Wouldn’t you want to see for yourself what all this talk was about? In Jamaica, we have this saying “Seeing is believing”, so of course I was dying to see the Cove. I gathered a group of friends and unto Portland we went.

Frenchman pic

Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica @visitjamaica.com

The journey was great, sunny and scenic until we got to Portland. It started to rain, but a little rain wasn’t going to stop me from having the fun that I pictured the previous day. We finally arrived after about 2hrs of driving (yes, it was still raining). Nevertheless, my friends and I had a blast, which is why I wanted to share 5 ways you can have crazy fun at Frenchman’s cove too.

  1. Climb the rope by the river then jump in– This will get your adrenaline going. Test your strength with the climb. Are you brave enough to make that jump? Mainly for great swimmers (and those of us who can swim to save our own lives) but non swimmers don’t worry; lifeguards are present during the opening hours of 9am-5pm. The river is very refreshing so even if you don’t make the jump, relax in it a bit.


    Swing Rope..Make the Jump!!!!

  2. Go for a swing over the river– I found it thrilling to sit on the “swing sang” (Jamaican term for swing) because I’m one of those semi-swimmers. If you are a daredevil, try standing on the swing while it’s moving then jump in the river. The rush that you get is amazing.

  3. Have a race in the sea– We are super competitive as a people, so this will be fun. Hopefully you will be the winner. You can use the marker in the water as the start/end point. IMG_20170422_130437
  4. Football or ‘Sightings’– Have a match on the sand. Everyone can play. The ball may go in the water but that adds to our fun.
  5. Play Charades on the beach– If you are not into the action packed activities then Charades is for you. You can find the app here Charades App

Bonus: Bury someone in the sand or Surprise Dunk someone in the water.

Quick Facts

  • Frenchman’s cove beach is located at the Frenchman’s Cove Resort in Port Antonio, Portland.
  • Named after wounded French soldiers who took refuge in the cove when they were battling with the British.
  • Entrance Fee: Locals with valid ID- JMD$800, Tourists- JMD$1000 or USD$10, Kids 12 yrs & below- 1/2 price. Please see their website for more info Frenchman’s Cove Prices
  • Yes, it’s worth it. Access to a clean and well maintained private property, free use of beach chairs, a refreshing river, lifeguards on duty, a “not too salty” sea, access to a beach bar and peace.

Bonus Pics

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Have you already been here? What fun things did you do? What was your experience like? Feel free to comment, ask questions and leave suggestions for our next adventure.

Where will we be next time?! Stay tuned……

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