Road Trip to Bath Fountain Hot Springs: Jamaica’s Healing Waters

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Bath Fountain Hot Springs, St. Thomas

Nestled in the cool hills of St. Thomas, you can find Bath Fountain Hot Springs. It is widely known for its healing mineral waters and has been visited by people all over the world. I wanted to see for myself what all the buzz was about so my friends and I decided to take a road trip. I didn’t know what to expect and let me tell you, it was well worth the trip. I was really impressed. 



Here are the reasons why I was impressed and why I think you should definitely go:

1. The Awesome Drive from Kingston to Bath, St. Thomas 

The journey to Bath was long but the scenery was amazing. The road took us through some hills and valleys filled with greenery and quite a few corners. I thought I would continue seeing trees but then it appeared. This beautiful view of the sea and water hitting against the rocks. It was picture perfect. We also passed a small spring by the roadside and a few beaches along the way. As you get closer to the destination, the road gets a bit bumpy so be careful but keep going because it is worth it.

2. The Hike

You have two options to enjoy the mineral bath. Option one: Use the indoor fountain at Bath Hotel (You have more privacy here and it has an entry fee). Option two: Use the outdoor fountain (You will have to take a short hike to get to the springs and it is free to use). Being the adventurous Jamaican, I took the hike. Seeing that my friends and I didn’t know where to go, we opted for a guide. The trail was a bit challenging but it was manageable. The view was great here as well.

3. Steaming hot water vs. Relaxingly cool water

After a short hike, there is nothing more wonderful than feeling cool mineral water flowing along your feet. The beauty of the Bath fountain was that you had a choice between enjoying the hot water warming your muscles and the cool water flowing by your feet. It is said that this water heals, and helps with aches and pains.


4. The Unexpected Massage with Pimento Oil

I’ve always heard about locals providing massages but I really didn’t expect to get one. I was just fascinated with the idea of enjoying the springs. As we were getting settled after the hike, the guides began introducing us to massage oils. Next thing I knew was that my feet were being massaged. When I looked around, I realized my friends were being massaged as well. Now I’m not one to spoil the fun, but I really was a bit hesitant of having a stranger massage me. Then I said to myself, “Relax and just enjoy these moments. These are the moments that you will remember most. Let go of your fears and just live.” That is exactly what I did. When I let go of all my doubts and just immersed myself in the moment, it was simply amazing. Imagine literally being surrounded by nature and getting a nice deep tissue and hot stone massage.

PhotoGrid_1488063787617PhotoGrid_1488063611065After the oil massage, we were then coated in a sulphur based mud mask. We waited for the mask to dry, then we washed off under a shower of hot water flowing out of the mountain side. I don’t know if it was the sun shining at just the right time, but my skin had a glow like never before. It was so smooth and soft and I just felt super relaxed.

5. Satisfy Your Hunger with Local Food

By the time we were ready to leave we were beyond hungry. Luckily, there was a local jerk man who happily provided us with meals and he even catered to vegetarians. The food was good and very filling so I definitely recommend trying it or bring a snack to avoid the hunger.

Tips for the trip (I wished someone told me the following before my trip so I’m telling you all):

  1. If you are a female and plan on getting a massage, wear a two piece swim suit.
  2. Negotiate with your guide/ masseuse about the charge for the massage and the type of massage you want before they begin. Prices can range between $1000JMD and $2500JMD. This price isn’t set and is determined by you and your guide.
  3. There will be persons at the foot of the hill asking for a ride/ asking to be your guide but they normally charge a steep price. If you would like to use the friendly guide that I had, please send me a quick message.
  4. Little boys will be outside washing your car for a quick dollar. Again, it is up to you what you would like to offer them.
  5. Bring your cameras as you will want to take lots of pictures.
  6. Well I hope this helps guys! I had lots of fun and I hope you will too.
  7. Visit in the morning when there is less crowd.

Stay tuned for our next adventure…….. Where will we go next?

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