Dive Into The New Year With A Visit To YS Falls

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The good thing about travelling around Jamaica, to view all of its natural wonders, is that you start to discover many things about yourself.  I love all water attractions but there is just something extra special about a waterfall. I just feel a wave of peace pass over me when I’m near a waterfall. Have you ever felt like that before? I am happy and blessed to live in a country where there are many waterfalls to visit. The destination I chose this time was YS Falls. See this cascading beauty below:


YS Falls is for the entire family and for every personality type. It is located on YS Estate in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Yes, it is a very far drive from the coast but don’t be discouraged. It is absolutely worth the journey. I got the chance to drive through the famous Holland Bamboo on my way and it is as stunning as all the pictures I’ve seen.


When I arrived at YS Falls, the fun began. Here is a list of activities and things to know:

  1. Tractor Ride to the falls: It’s a bumpy ride but it’s fun and authentic. The country scenery is breathtaking with 2 or 3 cows here and there.
  2. Swim in the natural spring pool: For both young and old. Stay under water for a few seconds and listen to the natural music of the pebbles that line the floor of the pool. They sound like Maracas. YS Falls Spring Pool
  3. Swim in the garden pool or get a tan by the pool: Surrounded by Cabanas. 
  4. Have a picnic or meditate on the lawns: It’s a vast area of land surrounded by lush vegetation with the sound of the waterfalls in the background. An amazing place to connect with nature.
  5. Climb the falls and take a swim: Life guards are present and ready to help when you need them.



  1. Swing and jump into the water: Are you a thrill seeker? If yes, this is for you. There is a swing rope available at the falls which allows you to swing across the waterfall and jump in.
  2. Canopy Zipline tour: A must do activity for the adventurous person. Fly through the air above the waterfalls with trees all around. Talk about an adrenaline rush! YS Falls Canopy Tour
  3. Changing Rooms: Both male and female changing rooms and restrooms are available for use.
  4. Lockers: Optional but available to keep your valuables safe while you have fun.
  5. Gift Shop and Restaurant: Jamaican food and beverages are available for purchase at a reasonable cost. Don’t forgot to stop at the gift shop on your way out.  I bought a postcard as my souvenir.

Rates: YS Falls Rates. Rates for locals may differ as with most attractions in Jamaica.

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