5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Winnifred Beach, Portland

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Have you ever taken a trip without knowing exactly where you are going? Well I did and it was one of my most beautiful experiences yet. I was invited on another adventure last weekend and all I knew was that I was going to Portland. This got me really excited and I started hoping that I was going to Frenchman’s cove but I was ok either way. As we were driving, I admired how Portland has such a preserved, natural and untouched vibe in comparison to other parts of Jamaica. If you ever want to discover what paradise feels like, you should go to Portland.

To get to the beach, we had to drive down a bumpy road surrounded by lush vegetation but it was well worth the jewel that blessed my eyes.


These are the reasons you should visit Winnifred Beach:

The Water

It’s absolutely amazing how clean and clear the water is at Winnifred Beach. If you are just taking a dip, you can see everything around you clearly. It is perfect for snorkeling  without having to go too far out in the sea. During the late evening, you can also see schools of tiny fishes coming close to shore. If you love the sea like myself, it is a great place to reconnect with nature.



The Serenity

Winnifred Beach is the most peaceful beach I’ve been in awhile. You’ll find just a few people on the beach at any one time and I love that. It’s a perfect place to just sit and think or be inspired without being disturbed. The sounds of the sea will just let you drift right off to sleep. 


The Sun

I’m not the biggest fan of the sun but it was just right at this beach. It peaked out at the perfect times to supply me with Vitamin D and create that great lighting for beautiful pictures. This beach is great for sunbathing as well.


The Food

Winnifred Beach is just about 10 minutes or less from the famous Boston Jerk however, right along the beach, you can get authentic Jamaican food. There was the good Jamaican boiled corn and soup to warm you up. There was also jerked chicken or steamed fish served with fried plantains, bammy, festival, rice and peas. The food stalls also had varying seafood and drinks. I noticed that they had natural coconut water as well.

The Fun

Great chill spot for you and your friends to have fun and drink a cold beer, play football with the locals or just simple games like ‘Taboo’.

*The beach is absolutely free but locals who take care of the beach may ask for a small contribution (100JMD) to help with the maintenance of the beach. Turtles love this beach and I do too because it is clean, so let us keep it that way.

Paradise awaits!

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Stay tuned while we journey to the gems in Jamaica……..


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