Restaurant Review: Annex East Japanese

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I love the fact that Jamaica’s motto says, ‘Out of many one people’, as it describes our culture very well. If you are looking for that great Japanese food experience then Annex East Japanese is the perfect place. It’s located in The Courtyard at 71 Lady Musgrave road, Kingston just minutes away from Half Way Tree and Liguanea.

DECOR: The decor is very modern, relaxing and the chairs are comfortable. Annex East Japanese is great for both the young and old. During my visit, I noticed that there were families, friends, and couples present.


SERVICE: One of the best I have seen in a while. The staff was very professional and courteous. I was greeted on entry and seated at a lovely table that was already set. Water was brought to me without having to ask. The waiter was amazing. He checked on our group at very regular intervals just to make sure that we were well. This great customer service just made my experience even better.

FOOD: Simply Delicious! Let me just say in Jamaican terms ‘You get your money’s worth’. When the plate arrived, I started smiling, the food looked and smelled amazing. I was also  very pleased with the large portion size that I got, especially since this was a ‘fancy’ restaurant. I had the Teriyaki chicken with Fried shrimp and white rice. I also tried their Fried dumplings and the Green tea ice cream. I loved the taste of the dumplings while the ice cream was an acquired taste.The upside at this restaurant is that the wait time for food is not very long, thankfully.

Thinking about going out to eat lunch or dinner? Try Annex East Japanese, you will be glad you did. Annex East Japanese FB Cuisine

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