Restaurant Week 2016: Black Orchid Review

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We,foodies, have been waiting patiently for this great week to arrive and it is finally here; Restaurant Week Jamaica 2016. This is the week where a select amount of restaurants offer a discount on their menus or a three course meal at a reasonable rate. I look forward to this week every year and it is not only because of the food, but because you get to explore Jamaica’s culture with friends and family. The laughter, the experience, getting dressed up nicely, and just the overall happiness are things I cherish during this time.

I decided that this year I would start off my week in fine dining style with my work colleagues, so we went to Black Orchid Restaurant at Eden Gardens Wellness Resort. Now, I’ve been to Eden Gardens before but I’ve never had the opportunity to go to their restaurant so you can just imagine my excitement. When I saw their restaurant week menu, I was very pleased and eager to try their food. Eden Gardens is always known to be a very beautiful and very calming place and as such my expectations were very high.



Upon arrival, I was greeted by the host and brought to sample a very lovely natural drink. I was then taken to my table where the host kindly pulled out my chair and had me seated. I was very pleased with the service so far. On my way to the dining area, I was amazed by the beauty of the place especially at night. It gives you that feeling like you are royalty and the colours that they used for decor matched the atmosphere very well.

We then met our waiter who was very friendly but as the night went on, I observed that he was rather forgetful/overwhelmed. I scanned through the menu a bit even though I knew long ago what I wanted to order. I selected the ‘Salmone Affumicato Crostini’ as my appetizer, but other persons in my group did try the Crab Garden and the Peas soup so I will be able to tell you all about it.img_20161112_212647

The salmon was a delight to eat. It is a very light appetizer and I enjoyed every bit of it except the blue cheese. Sadly I’m not a fan of blue cheese but if you are, you will enjoy that appetizer more than I did. The ‘Hawaiian Crab Garden’ was good but not great according to my 3 colleagues that had it. One even went as far as to say it tasted like saltfish. I did taste it and I can say it was well seasoned and I loved the spices that they used in it. The Hearty Split Peas soup I didn’t try but my friend advised that it was tasty, warm enough and a good starter.


After I had my appetizer, I was in dire need of water to get rid of the blue cheese aftertaste. I had to ask my waiter for water 3 times before I actually received some water. Come on, it was water. Someone should be there refilling your glasses every time they run low.

Moving on to the Main course, I was very excited to try their pork chop (Herb Guava Glazed Cotes de Porc). I had been dreaming of how the guava sauce would taste. When I got my meal, I wasn’t disappointed at all. There was this huge pork chop before me with a small scoop of mashed sweet potatoes (I would have liked more potatoes) and guava sauce drizzled all over. The smell was superb and it looked delicious. I’m going to be honest, I had this mouthwatering feeling and I’m not sure if it was the lighting that caused this, but the cut of pork was just glistening. I’m sure I could hear it say, ‘Eat me now.’ When I took my first bite, it was a divine experience. It was so very tender and juicy and the guava sauce just added that extra special layer to the meat. It was heavenly. As I came out of my bliss, I remembered that I wanted to find out about the other meals. The Grey Snapper Fillet (Ocean’s Finest) was also moist and cooked perfectly. It was seasoned well and the sauce that they used was amazing. It elevated the snapper and gave it a lovely flavour. The Chicken Roulade ( Spicy Chicken Roulade) was a tad bit oily but my colleagues seemed to have loved it because their plates were empty when I glanced over.


I’m going to be the one to say that Black Orchid Restaurant’s Entrées are delicious and worth it, even though their customer service needs a little work.

As we approached the last part of the meal, I was super excited because I love desserts. I ordered the ‘Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake’ and it definitely lived up to its name. I observed it for a minute and it looked so moist and rich especially with the chocolate on top. I had my first taste and it was

‘melting in my mouth wonderful’.

I enjoyed every bite of that cake. It was truly a fudge cake to remember. The ‘Coconut Gateau’ was equally delightful and moist. The coconut shavings on top was what brought home the lovely flavour for me. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the ‘Exotic Fruit Twist’ but that it looked beautiful and only had a hint of Rum cream in it. Going by the delicious tasting food I had all night, I’m sure that it was great too.


I had quite a night at Black Orchid Restaurant. I strongly believe that they should work on their customer service and be more organized. The main reason why I would return or recommend it to others, is because the food was absolutely delicious and the ambiance was beautiful.

If you have been to Black Orchid Restaurant, please share your experiences with us on our Facebook Page 876 Adventures. Thank you.

As we journey through Restaurant week, stay with me. I wonder which Jamaican Restaurant we’ll try next………

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